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Nomad Emporium is for the freedom seekers, the go getters, the adventurers, the rule breakers, the I want more-ers, who are searching for an all encompassing solution that enables their dreams to become reality.

The purpose behind the 12 week course is to start by laying a solid foundation in the mind, then to give the tools and skillset needed to understand how to actually turn your passion into profit, and lastly, finishing with an action plan and tangible steps to take moving forward.

Each week, Hollie and Chloe will teach a new lesson that helps you harness and embody what it means to be a successful entrepreneur and start living the nomadic life of your dreams.

Each of us have a unique passion and gift to share with the world and Nomad Emporium is here to show you how to harness that and allow it to support the lifestyle you desire most.

Each week will leave with you with a heightened and in depth understanding of the essential knowledge and techniques required for digital nomad success.


Not only will you learn to embody a bulletproof mindset, we are determined to have every attendee leave with a toolbox full of skills and expertise that are used by the most successful entrepreneurs found in the online space.

Self Mastery
Belief System
Personal Story
Money Mentality
Multiple Streams Of Income
Passive Income
Social Media Expertise
Content Creation
Graphic Design
Marketing Strategies
Growing An Audience
Target Audience
Organic vs. Paid Advertising
Diversifying Content
Mastering All Platforms
Personal Branding
Personal Aesthetic
Psychology Of Design
Online Presence
Brand Pillars
Branding Packets
Platform congruency
Business Optimization
Time Management
Work Environment
Software & App Utilization
Personal Work Styles
Performance Improvement
Measurement Of Productivity
Business Expansion
Sales & Marketing
Sales Psychology
Lead Generation
Nurturing Conversations
Sales Stigma
High Ticket vs. Low Ticket
Ad Copy
Building Trust
Closing Sales
Authentic Sales
Customer Needs
Product Development
It is never too late to harness all that you are. It is never too late to redesign your path.
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Chloe’s entrepenuerial path started as an interior designer whilst living in the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles. After 4 years of forcing herself to fall in love with a career that didn’t quite fulfill her, mixed with the combination of her solo travel experiences around the globe - Chloe realized that living a nomadic lifestyle was all she really wanted. It took her less than 2 years to transition from her previous lifestyle, to running a full time online business and quickly scaling it to 6 figures. She has now gone on to mentor over 150 individuals to attain the same level of freedom — and is dedicated to extending her knowledge and expertise to 1,000’s more.


Just 5 years ago, Hollie was lacking clarity in what direction she wanted to move in. She knew she wanted to explore the world and help others, she just didn’t know how, or if that was even possible. Through her own powerful journey of personal transformation as well as in entrepreneurship, she has gone on to coach hundreds of individuals from across the globe, and built a successful 6 figure international online business.
Hollie is now on a mission to re-write the digital nomad journey and show others how to create their dream life in the online space - the right way!


Arun is an emotional intelligence coach and facilitator whose mission is to give people the self-understanding that they should have got in school. After his Masters in Occupational Psychology, he gained expertise in personal development and transformative coaching working at Rosemary Dream, a personal development retreat centre in Brazil. Now, he designs and facilitates courses, retreats and workshops with profound insightful and playful experiences with the intention to create a lasting and empowering effect on the people who participate. Arun is the best of the best, and will be your right hand man throughout this journey, leading you through Chloe and Hollie’s teachings and beyond.

Week #1

Discovering Your Purpose

Week one is laying a steady foundation for all of the work we will do together in the coming weeks. Understanding your reason for being here, your vision for the future and why it is so important to stay rooted in your mission throughout your journey.

Week #2

Overcoming Yourself

Week two will enable us to shine a light on all the ways in which we can sometimes hold ourselves back from living the life of freedom we've always wanted. We'll dive into the psychology of the mind and why this happens in the first place, as well as lead you through powerful processes to change the story, and make space for growth.

Week #3

Confidence & Comfort Zones

Week three will be quintessential to your journey. Expanding your comfort zone and mastering your confidence will open up your world in all the ways you dream of both as a wanderluster and as a business owner. We have the right techniques to get you there and will share these in a way that will remove all of your fears, worries and insecurities.

Week #4

Debunking Fear & Failure

Week four will lead you through the breakdown of fear and failure - when it can serve you, and when it hinders you. This is something all entrepreneurs face, but when harnessed properly, can actually work for you. This is essential training and one many tend to overlook. It will make sense after this lesson that fear is your compass and failure is your teacher.

Week #5

Employee vs. Entrepreneur

Week five will show you how to step up as your own boss and maintain consistency. We'll help you establish routine and structure in your day, keeping you accountable, and showing up for yourself. You'll understand how you work best as an individual and how to best leverage these attributes. These will be incredibly healthy shifts that will positively affect all areas of your life.

Week #6

Money Mindset

Week six will completely reshape your relationship with money. We will cover a plethora of exercises to help you understand how skewed our connection with this incredible tool can be. Establishing a strong friendship with money will enable you to have an amazing impact in the world and be supported in all you do. The workshops we lead you through this week will be life-changing.

Week #7

Money & Business

Moving into week seven, we will start to lead you into logistical tactics and business knowledge - especially when it comes to money, investments, sustainable income, and working efficiently. We will place emphasis on the importance of multiple streams of income and differentiating between assets and liabilities.

Week #8

Crafting Your Offer

In week eight we will show you how to craft your offer and mould the vision of your business into shape. You'll gain clarity on your niche (even if you're already in the know) , truly identify the problem you solve, as well as how to price yourself properly.

Week #9

Social Media & Personal Branding

Week nine will enable you to master the fundamental skills needed to run any and all social media platforms like a pro. Not to mention, you'll also leave this lesson with powerful branding techniques that will enable you to get the results you're looking for. We're determined to help you recognize the importance of these topics and the possibilities available to you when they are leveraged efficiently.

Week #10

Authentic Sales

Week ten's intention is to debunk any slimy associations with sales. You have something important to share with the world and you deserve to be compensated for that. We will teach you how to share your gift with others in a way that feels aligned and authentic to you. We'll dive into the psychology of sales and how to execute this process in a way that benefits both you and your customer.

Week #11

The Entrepreneur's Toolbox

Week eleven will open your eyes to a whole new world of apps, websites, tools, and software that will help facilitate, automate, and streamline the success of any digital nomad (so you can spend less time at your laptop and more time planning your next adventure!). You will become a guru at organization, time efficiency and procrastination will be a thing of the past.

Week #12

The Action Plan

Week twelve will be one of the most important. This is where we'll help you craft an individual and personalized action plan to catapult you forward. Your life as a digital nomad is now clearly on the horizon and we're not going to leave you hanging now. We also have some top-secret surprises up our sleeves that will leave you feeling excited, supported, and ready for more!

“Don’t limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achieve.”
Mary Kay Ash
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12 weeks of live lessons and Q&A
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This course host will be Arun Thompson.
Specifically crafted content for Digital Nomad transformation
12 weeks of live lessons and Q&A
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12 weeks of live lessons and Q&A
12 weeks of Resources
Access to Nomad Emporium Dashboard
Community group lifetime access!
This course host will be Arun Thompson.
Specifically crafted content for Digital Nomad transformation
12 weeks of live lessons and Q&A
Personalized dashboard where all our mentoring sessions are saved
lifetime access to Nomad Community network
Enroll now
New course date will be announced soon - you can secure your spot by enrolling now.
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Is Nomad Emporium for me?

If you scroll through Instagram and wonder how people are travelling full time and working from their laptops, this course is for you. If you dream of location and financial freedom but don’t know how to make it happen for yourself, then this is for you. If you desire to be surrounded by like-minded people who see a bigger vision, then this is for you. If you feel stuck in your current situation and dream of freedom, then this course is for you. If you want to make money in alignments and make your vision a reality, you guessed it! It's for you!
Nomad Emporium is for both the beginner who has zero understanding on where to begin in the online space, as well as those who have already taken some steps, but need help to deepen their understanding and obtain more tangible action steps that will lead to real results.

What can I expect once I am enrolled in the course?

Upon enrolment, you will be prompted to create login details that give you access to our members dashboard. Here you’ll find a welcome video explaining how to navigate the platform, Facebook Community and Telegram chat, as well as what to prepare before the course start date.

Are there payment plans available?

Yes! We have a payment plan option of 3 payments of $700.

What’s the schedule for the course? Can I take it at my own pace?

Considering that the course is live, you will only be fed lessons one week at a time. This is because we have specifically crafted this course to be learnt in this order. We also want to prevent overwhelm and increase the ability for you to implement what you learn. However, all lessons and Q&A sessions are recorded, and will be available to you within your dashboard, so you can re-watch and refer back to them as many times as needed!

How much time will I have to set aside for your courses?

The course duration is 12 weeks with 2 calls per week. One is a lesson, and the other is a Q&A session. Each call is 2 hours long, with homework handouts to be completed before the following week. How much time that takes is dependent on how you work as an individual, and whether or not you keep yourself accountable. This is a chance to invest time in yourself and commit to your transformation!

How long will I have access to the contents of the course for?

This course is a lifetime course! That means you’ll always have access to this content, plus any tweaks we make and new content we add. So if you join now, it’s yours forever.

Will the course be available in languages other than English?

As the courses are delivered in English live by Hollie and Chloe, this is currently not an option. However we intend to implement subtitles in other languages on the recordings in the future. 

What is the Nomad Emporium community and how can I participate?

The Facebook NE community is an exclusive space for the students who enroll in the course, where we will be replying to all course-related questions. You will be able to interact with other students and expand your network, we will be doing live sessions and keep giving you our most recent and updated tips. 

Can you guarantee specific results?

The results you will receive from doing our course depend on how much time and energy you invest and if you apply the tools we teach you. Of course, the results you will achieve also depend on many other aspects like participation, learning style, and your specific business venture. Still, the skills we teach you can totally transform your ability to navigate any business and change the trajectory of your future. This course does teach powerful skills that produce tangible results, you will see. ;)

I have bought other courses before and have been dissapointed, how is yours different?

We actually practice what we preach! Nomad Emporium was built because we wanted to share with you what has helped us create the location-independent and fulfilling life we are currently living. We teach you exactly the tools and practices that we have used and are still using to create successful businesses that inspire the masses and stand out from the crowd. The skills we teach can be implemented by anyone and everyone and you don’t need previous experience or talents to apply them. Our course is created for ordinary people just like you and us that want to create an extraordinary life now.

I have not received a confirmation email with the details of my purchase. What should I do?

If you didn't receive an email from us after purchasing and made sure to wait 10-20 minutes as well as checking your spam folder, please send us an email to with subject SUPPORT and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible to resolve the issue.

Do I need any apps for the course?

The lessons will be delivered via Zoom. This is a free app to download on both your laptop and phone. We will give instructions to our members to ensure everyone is ready before the course starts.

Do you offer refunds?

Although we are confident that you will love our course, certain refund requests may be considered by Nomad Emporium support on a case-by-case basis. 

Is Being A Digital Nomad Realistic?

We recorded this episode with you to share a lot more in depth understanding of our latest project; Nomad Emporium and the realities behind being a digital nomad. Together, we do our best to really provide a lot of value and insight woven into this conversation as we discuss what it takes to be an entrepreneur traveling the world full time and whether or not it’s possible for everyone.

The two most important days in life are the day you born and the day you discover the reason why.
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